h2. The world that was changed on July 21st, 1945

It changed in Nuclear Fire, Poisoned Blood, Flooded Coasts and the return of the Wyrd.  That was the day that the Strange Cargo, a US B-29 loaded with the trinity weapon, decided that the only chance to survive this new phase of the war, was to destroy the Midgard Serpent.  The actions of that crew changed the world in ways no one could have expected.  Now the United states is a skeletal remain of what it was;  Most of the land east of the Rocky Mountains flooded and poisoned.  The fallout of the attack, called the year without summer, has led to 3 years with not much summer.

Our tale follows a group of survivors of this devastation, as they work their way between the new political realities, national boundaries and alliances and even, perhaps, a new definition of right and wrong…or may just a willful disregard of what that meant before the world changed…

The Old World, New Again?

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