The Old World, New Again?

That Snaking Feeling

On the dark and cold ride back to Sacramento, Emmett’s thoughts are lost to a battlefield so far away but still too close to be forgotten. The bodies lying around the ground of the makeshift camp in the dead of night was too much for him to contain. Using great effort to resist the memories of his first real battle, he falls victim to what he sees next. Crawling from foxhole to foxhole following the cries of his brethren, witnessing the mangled bodies still somehow gasping for air. It was his job to sustain them. Somehow he, with a small canvas bag, was supposed to keep all these men alive. This one gasps one gurgled last breath. He stares and the trance is only broken by another painful moan. From hole after hole he slithers. Destined to crawl on his belly like a snake only to witness death at every stop. An unending dream, this is how he will spend eternity. Slithering from hole, to hole, to hole…


MasterGameMaster MasterGameMaster

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