The Old World, New Again?

It all Started...

An Introduction, of sorts

h2. 18th of April, 1948

h4. It started on a bus, going to San Francisco, and ended with a stolen car going to Sacramento…

On a bus, from Seattle going to San Francisco, on a sleeting April night. Ava, Emmett Brown, and Virginia all note that the bus driver has a gun tucked into the newspaper beside his seat. He has not changed, as the other drivers have, but has taken every other relief.

Around evening, the bus pulls into the lot of the Petaluma Gold Motor Hotel, but none of the lights are on, and there is no sign of passengers or a relief bus driver.  After several minutes, two long black cars pull in to the lot, at which point the man who has sat behind the driver since Seattle, opens his briefcase, takes out an ugly submachine gun, stand at the front of the bus and demands everyone stay seated and keep quite, in a Russian accent! 

The back door of the rear car opens and another large man, in a long dark coat steps out, looks around a moment, then steps out of the way, as a lad, about 12 or 13, with a brace on his leg works his way out of the car.  The coat he is wearing is not really heavy enough for this cold.  At the sight of the boy, the driver nearly leaps from his seat, but then catches himself and waits. Another thin man comes out of the car and he waves to the driver who rushes out and scoops up the boy.  As the first man that got out of the car leads them toward the office, two more men get out of the first car with submachine guns.  The board the bus, and one of them gets in the drivers seat.  The other one gets into a confrontation with Virginia about moving back, but she asks to stay because these seats are warm.  He goes to swing at her and a black man further back in the bus stands up and hits him with a thrown baseball!

This leads the man in the front to open up with his submachine gun, but he hits no one.  The scene erupts into pandemonium.  Virginia stabs the man who was going to hit her, Ava shoots two of them…During the fracas, the thin man says something in Russian, and the bus driver is shot in the head cause the boy to break into wailing sobs.  Emmit wings one of them, but the thin man and at least two of his minions drive away, where Ava notices the distinct smell of O-Gas exhaust, but not before the thin man tosses a grenade under the bus!  Fortunately, the bus absorbs almost all of the blast.

Virginia and Ava head off behind the hotel, carrying one of the guns.


Moments later, a police car pulls up with lights going, and immediately radios for backup, and an ambulance. After hiding the gun under the propane tank out back, Virginia comes back around and joins the crowd. Emmet informs the policeman what has happened, who then directs him to call the hotel manager and tell him to come out.

The police interview folks, the medics do what they can for people, and everyone is given a room for the night with instructions to stay around in case more info is needed. Our group sets up watches, with Ava and Virginia in one room and Emmet and Apollo in another. There is a young deputy on watch at the office. Ava sees a black car pull up well after midnight, and two men get out, and go into the office. A few moments later they come out, and drive away, so she goes out the back window, to check on him. but he is fine.

Not long after that, Ava and Emmet both notice a car pull up across the road, without lights, and a man gets out and seems to be watching the hotel. After waking their comrades, Ava again goes out the window, to tell the deputy, who goes out to see what is going on. When the deputy is there, the man hides under the car, until the deputy heads back in. After that, he goes to the trunk, and pulls something out, almost dragging it to one of the doors. The group goes out to interrupt him, and he is setting a bear trap in front of the door! When the deputy comes out to see what this new commotion is, he says he is looking for Russian spies!

Just before dawn, the decision is made to leave this situation, so Ava hot wires the car left by the interloper, and they head to Sacramento, the current operating US capital!


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