Gear and Equipment

In general, the dollar from today buys ten dollars in game terms. That said, if what you want is listed in the game book, that price takes precedence. For anything else, usually you can buy the 1948 equivalent of something for about 1/5 of its current cost. This reflects the impact on industry, manufacturing, arable land, etc… on the DAR economy. Which, of course, means that whatever money your character has, is about equivalent of 5 times that in modern money.


Some things that have come up and already have prices:

_Item _Price _Notes
Flashlight Batteries $0.25 2 required for a flashlight
Sewing Kit $2-3 Exhausts on a roll of 10 (D10)

Equipment damage and exhaustion

Some equipment can become damaged through use, accident, or misfortune. If it is damaged, in general, it can be repaired for 1/2 it’s price. But that leaves it as Cheap. (It fails on a roll of 1 on the skill die) It can also be remade for about 2/3 it’s price, but that often requires a specialized facility. This rule may not always apply, and judgement may prevail. i.e. an oil lantern may break easily, but to replace the globe will only cost 1/2 or less and it will be as good as new.

Some equipment may become used up when used, like first aid or surgical kits. Most of these things exhaust with a roll of 1 on a D6 (rolled after use, not a trait test). If they provide a bonus to something, that bonus is reduced by one each time it is exhausted. No matter the bonus lost, they can normally be replenished for about half the normal purchase price, assuming a place to do so can be found.

Gear and Equipment

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