Session Interlude

The Between Session interludes are designed to take place between sessions. They are deeper stories about the characters. Like regular interludes, they can be false, if they are designed to mislead the other characters. Generally, they should be retelling of something true, however. Although, these take place chronologically outside of the on going story, they can be a flashback during the story, a scene during un-played downtime, or they can be something that happens, as indicated, between sessions.

Because these are the players telling a story, it is up to them as to whether or not the other characters are aware of it. If it involves them, then the answer is obvious. Otherwise, if possible, make it clear that it is or is not know to the others or which others are aware of it.

The theme of the Between Session Interludes will come from this chart:

2: Trouble Devastation Defeat Concern Dark Thoughts
3/4: Setback ? ? ? ?
5/6: ?? ? ? ? ?
7/8: Memory Loss The War Fond Memory ?
9/10: Resolve ? ? ? ?
Jack: Wonder A depressing sight ? ? ?
Queen: Anecdote ? You have recently heard a rumor… ? ?
King: Friends ? ? ? ?
Ace:?? ? ? ? ?
Joker: Resource ? ?
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Session Interlude

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